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Flight Sails Zorro V3

4-batten performance wave
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The all new ZORRO V3 is a next-generation, 4 batten hardcore wave sail that is incredibly responsive while remaining smooth and with an excellent on/off while wave riding.

  • Excellent On/Off feel
  • Super lightweight
  • Completely new design!
  • Durable materials
Full description and specifications

Flight Sails Zorro V3

4-batten performance wave

Meet the all new ZORRO V3!

Unlike other brands, FLIGHT SAILS has chosen real product evolution over a mandatory yearly development cycle. Just like in software development, we prefer to define new releases by versions, making sure to only launch the next product generation when improvements are truly outstanding.

Following this approach, the new ZORRO V3 is the result of continued research and development over the past years - and we couldn't be more proud of it!

A widely improved wind range, an even lighter, more direct feel on the wave and stronger build quality while maintaining the light sail weight, are some of the key improvements of the ZORRO V3.

What's new?

  • Completely new panel layout in the luff section (improving wind range, more direct feel)
  • Slightly wider top (higher wind range and control in jumps, transitions and riding)
  • Bottom batten is placed higher up and more horizontal. (less board pressure when wave riding, loser board feel)
  • New Black Panther Ply foot material (stronger and more stable )
  • Window position slightly higher up (better visibility when wave riding)
  • Improved window material (stronger and more scratch proof)
  • Redesigned leach (more neutral twist and better handling)


Size (m2) Luff (cm) Boom (cm) Mast (cm) Battens Cams Weight (kg) Top
3.2 332 138 340 4 - 2.34 vario
3.6 358 142 340/370 4 - 2.50 vario
4.0 374 150 370/340 4 - 2.66 vario
4.4 388 156 370 4 - 2.80 vario
4.8 406 162 400/370 4 - 2.92 vario
5.2 420 168 400 4 - 2.99 vario
5.6 426 176 400 4 - 3.16 vario

About Flight Sails

Incredible performance with attention to detail

Flight Sails is born on the Canary Island Tenerife, with the windsurfing capital of El Médano. There’s no better place to create and test new windsurfproducts. After lots of testing and proto’s the Zorro 4-batten wavesail is the amazing result of a journey that once started as a hobby project.

The Flight Sails designer José Fernandez created ‘The Zorro’ together with partners Bjørn de Vos & Bart David. Most of the testing is done by Dany Bruch. One if the most talented windsurfers around. His knowless of saildesign and sail feel helped a lot by finalzing the final product.

The philosophy of Flight Sails is simple: the best design, with the best materials at an affordable price.

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