Carrera Freeride 2019

Deze boards zijn echt snel, maar vooral bedoelt om het windsurfen te ervaren zoals het naar onze mening bedoelt is. Lekker snel varen, minder tunen en je gijpjes doorplaneren! De reacties op deze boards zijn zo positief dat de maat 144 liter is toegevoegd voor 2019.

De Carrera heeft een sterke maar lichte carbon constructie en komt met MFC voetbanden en een mooie MFC G10 vin. Wat ons betreft een van de mooiste boards uit de collectie.

Maten: 116 | 130 | 144 liter

  • Full carbon constructie
  • MFC voetbanden & vinnen
  • Snelle freeride shape
  • Gratis geleverd!
€ 1845,-
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Carrera Freeride 2019

Francisco Goya:

The Carrera Pro sailing experience builds on agility, turning torque, and the board’s supreme build. There used to be a time when only Race boards were built like the Carrera. And there is no other Freecarve board on the market built like this even today. We set out to create a Freecarve board with only the very best composites applied, racing composites and full carbon construction, bringing the ultimate speed sensation to a broader audience, a sensation that up until now only racers could experience.

The Carrera offers utmost high end performance whenever and wherever you want it. It covers all bases from rough seas to lighter winds to calmer lake condi- tions, and in that it is just as fun to carve as it is jaw-drop- ping fast. T


Over Goya

Our slogan reads Lifetimes Of Windsurfing Dedication because everything we do, where we live, travel, and work is connected to the sport, for you to enjoy.

Francisco Goya:

I work together with a team that been focusing their whole life around windsurfing, the office, showroom, loft and factory are in Haiku, 5 minutes away from one of the most consistent and mixed conditions in the world to ride on. The mixed conditions that Maui has to offer along with a huge amount of visitors from all over the world, allow us to test the gear ourselves and receive direct feedback from our customers. So everyday we ride and hear feedback that is put back into the products, business and sport. All revolve around our passion and development for the ultimate ride, company and sport. When the new years gear arrive I’m just as excited about it as I was with my first board 25 years ago.