Power FSW 2019

De Power is een volledig nieuwe lijn van freewave boards. Het zijn compacte boards met comfortabele breedtes en een snelle scoop-rocker lijn. De trifin set-up en de positionering van de voetbanden maken de boards lekker speels.

Een echte alleskunner voor op de grote meren en natuurlijk voor op zee. Vergis je niet, deze boards gaan graag door de bocht...

Maten: 85 | 95 | 105 liter

  • Carbon sandwich constructie
  • MFC voetbanden & vinnen
  • Freewave shape
  • Gratis geleverd!
€ 2195,-
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Power FSW 2019

Sahper Keith Teboul:

“A new three stage rocker concept with a nice flat between the stance and a small release off the tail is allowing this board to really feel free and glide strong and powerful.

Again I went with a bump diamond tail to keep some area at one foot off the tail, but have a little less in the tail to allow the board to feel more free when turning. The more parallel outline lends itself to a super stable and quick ride”.


Over Quatro

It was in 1994 that the four of us set out to create what would become one of the most influential and successful watersport board brands ever. And we still follow that heritage today, with that very same dedication.

Most people just know that when it comes to waves, Quatro is the real thing. Our ideas come to life on the water and keep inspiring those around us to ride, while they in return inspire us to create.

Nine out of the ten top professional windsurfers on the tour and eventually ten out of ten would ride Quatro boards and win titles on them. Most still do today. It’s the industry’s open secret, and it’s part of the research and development that sets our boards apart from the mass of all those other brands. But really, none of noting is a secret, the plain truth is that we just love making boards, regardless of the sport, and we are passionate about working with individual riders. And all of this still feeds the evolution of our riding.