Maui Fin Company

Quad Fins RTM

De Quad Fins van MFC hebben zich ondertussen ruimschoots bewezen. Zo worden alle quads van Quatro & Goya met deze vinnen geleverd. De maat van deze sets is in cm2.

Maten: 250 3.7-5.0m2 | 300 4.0-5.5m2 | 350 4.5-5.8m2 | 400 4.7-6.3m2
Boxen: Centre US /Slotbox combi | Sides Slotbox & Mini Tuttle

  • Let op! side & centre-fins los te bestellen!
  • New! Molded RTM constructie
  • Allround multifin
  • Gratis geleverd!
  • Neem contact op voor een afwijkende maat of box!


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Over Maui Fin Company

Pio Marasco moved to Maui at the end of 1989 because of his passion for the ocean and for water sports. This passion inevitably led him to work in the watersports industry. MFC HAWAII (established in 1986) was his first connection into the industry and from there he started his adventure as a “fin maker”.

Marasco’s life revolves around the ocean, and Hawaii is the perfect place for Pio to express his creativity and ideas in every form. His vision is to contribute the best fins to the market. He meticulously takes his time to personally connect with every sailor, customer and client on the beach, web or in his store, located in the Pawela Cannery in Haiku, Maui-HAWAII. From that year to date MFC counts 13 World Championships titles and has had in team MFC such athletes as Levi Siver, Kauli Seadi, Ricardo Campello, Marcilio “Brawzinho” Browne, Victor Fernandez, Kevin Pritchard and Francisco Goya.