Fringe 2018

De 2018 Goya Sails zijn in de aanbieding! De prijs is 559,- per zeil, dit geldt voor iedere maat. De levertijd is ca. 1 week. 
(zolang de voorraad strekt) 

De Fringe is Goya's 3-latten licht gewicht wavezeil. Het zeil geeft een goede low-end power en is lekker direct qua handling. Het beste is om de Fringe wat kleiner te varen op een juist wat groter board. Hiermee ervaar je het concept van de Fringe optimaal. Waveriding is waar het om draait bij dit zeil!

Maten: 2.8 t/m 6.3 m2

  • 3-batten licht gewicht
  • Super handling
  • Mooie afwerking
  • Gratis geleverd!
nu 711 € 559,-
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Fringe 2018

Fringe is the ultimate super lightweight surf sail for easy handling through radical maneuvers. Excellent low end power and flexible "up" lift gets you moving keeps you loose and incredibly reactive on the water. Large Bi-ply or spectra yarn film window provides easy visibility through the sail for choosing your line through the water. Precise carbon stretch control provides excellent stability throughout a very large wind range. Fringe is well suited to modern, higher volume, multi-fin boards. Using a higher volume board helps take advantage of the excellent low-end power of the Fringe, and also allows you to use a smaller sail size overall to maximize control and maneuverability. Fringe is also an excellent choice for lighter weight riders who rely on finesse over strength when sailing because of it’s incredibly light handling weight. 

Construction: Super light, super strong scrim panels, woven Dacron luff panel, 6 mil Bi-ply film window panel, carbon fiber stretch control, titanium clew ring, rip stop sleeve, molded tack fairing. 


Over Goya

Our slogan reads Lifetimes Of Windsurfing Dedication because everything we do, where we live, travel, and work is connected to the sport, for you to enjoy.

Francisco Goya:

I work together with a team that been focusing their whole life around windsurfing, the office, showroom, loft and factory are in Haiku, 5 minutes away from one of the most consistent and mixed conditions in the world to ride on. The mixed conditions that Maui has to offer along with a huge amount of visitors from all over the world, allow us to test the gear ourselves and receive direct feedback from our customers. So everyday we ride and hear feedback that is put back into the products, business and sport. All revolve around our passion and development for the ultimate ride, company and sport. When the new years gear arrive I’m just as excited about it as I was with my first board 25 years ago.