Fringe Pro 2019

De Fringe is Goya's 3-latten licht gewicht wavezeil. De 2019 Fringe Pro is vernieuwd, de onderste lat sluit nu direct aan op het oog van de uithaler waardoor het zeil extra licht en direct aanvoelt. Hierdoor onstaat er ook een verbeterde twist, waardoor het zeil eenvoudiger de wind released.

Het beste is om de Fringe wat kleiner te varen op een juist wat groter board. Hiermee ervaar je het concept van de Fringe optimaal. Waveriding is waar het om draait bij dit zeil!

Maten: 2.8 t/m 6.3 m2

  • 3-batten licht gewicht
  • Super handling
  • Mooie afwerking
  • Gratis geleverd!
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Fringe Pro 2019

A bit of a story here. 3 batten wave sail designs have had foot batten configurations one of two ways. Back ends have either been above or behind the clew. The latter provides a more Freeride sort of feel, not the driven wave setup we were after. Neither was the traditional foot batten ending well below the clew.

The new Fringe Pro is different. Our foot batten connects right to the clew. With the outhaul basically attached to the foot batten, rider input to the sail is mega direct, quick, and easy. This means you get the full effect of attaching your outhaul to the clew point and the foot batten end at the same time. Quickness, lightness, directness, and this is the important point, you have full dynamic leech twist all the way down to the clew, to the point you are hanging on to directly. It’s a very cool feeling. Gutsy, deep sails that are flexible and opening properly, so that you can be comfortable and confident especially in breaking waves.


Over Goya

Our slogan reads Lifetimes Of Windsurfing Dedication because everything we do, where we live, travel, and work is connected to the sport, for you to enjoy.

Francisco Goya:

I work together with a team that been focusing their whole life around windsurfing, the office, showroom, loft and factory are in Haiku, 5 minutes away from one of the most consistent and mixed conditions in the world to ride on. The mixed conditions that Maui has to offer along with a huge amount of visitors from all over the world, allow us to test the gear ourselves and receive direct feedback from our customers. So everyday we ride and hear feedback that is put back into the products, business and sport. All revolve around our passion and development for the ultimate ride, company and sport. When the new years gear arrive I’m just as excited about it as I was with my first board 25 years ago.