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Ezzy Sails Lion 2020

Bulletproof freerace sail
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  • 2-cam freerace
  • Bulletproof construction
  • Fast and stable
  • Fits Rdm & Sdm masts
  • Massive windrange
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Ezzy Sails Lion 2020

Going fast with no-hassle

Het freerace zeil van Ezzy Sails is de Lion. In de Lion zitten twee cambers verwerkt, één boven en één onder de giek. Dit geeft het zeil een vol profiel. Iedere Ezzy Lion wordt met vijf losse cambers geleverd. Zo kan je het zeil optimaal tunen en sluiten de cambers perfect aan op iedere mast, zowel rdm, sdm als dropshape. Door het gebruik van nieuwe doeksoorten is de Lion 2020 lichter en sneller dan ooit.

Ook de Lion heeft de oersterke Ezzy Sails afwerking. Een echte aanrader voor iedere windsurfer die een duurzaam en snel zeil zoekt. Laat je verrassen door de snelheid en de trim mogelijkheden van dit zeil!

avid Ezzy
The Lion is a race sail stripped of everything that makes race sails difficult. For the new Lion 2020 we replaced the vinyl with adyneema-reinforced window thatincreases stability in high winds anddramatically improves the transferof wind energy into board speed.

The luff sleeve is narrow and easier to waterstart or uphaul than a wide sleeve that fills up with water. Like the previous Lion sails, the 2020 Lion rigs on all RDM and SDM masts. And, like all Ezzy Sails, the 2020 Lion is built to last. High-lights:

  • Twin Cambers The Lion's twin cambers rotate effortlessly and can fit any mast built within the past 30 years.
  • Narrow Sleeve The narrow sleeve doesn't fill with water which makes uphauling and water-starting a whole lot easier.
  • Highest Tech Materials The Dyneema reinforced X-Ply and the Scrim-X are as light as monofilm, but they are exponentially more durable and have twice the UV longevity.


Size (m2) Luff (cm) Boom (cm) Mast (cm) Battens Cams Weight (kg) Top
6.0 445-448 182-189 430 6 2 4,10 vario
6.5 455-458 190-198 430 6 2 4,31 vario
7.0 466-469 196-204 460 6 2 4,47 vario
7.5 476-479 204-212 460 7 2 4,92 vario
8.5 501-504 221-229 490 7 2 5,27 vario
9.5 513-516 238-247 490 7 2 5,61 vario

Over Ezzy Sails

Quality is our strenght

In 1983 David Ezzy made his first windsurfing sail under the Ezzy Sail black and white eagle logo. He started his custom sail business on Maui in an old shed that has since become a sleek design loft. Back then, custom sails were the means to success for every serious sailor and Ezzy Sails led the sailing revolution. Ezzy made sails that were renowned for their “Hookipa” traits: strength and power.

Now the Ezzy factory is housed in a 20,000 square foot, brand-new building in Srilanka owned by David Ezzy and the factory staff. It is a safe, non-toxic work environment with state-of-the-art computer cutting machines, employee amenities such as a staffed kitchen, transportation, uniforms and a music sound system. The distribution reach of Ezzy Sails has expanded to cover most countries worldwide. Word of mouth spreads the knowledge of the high quality standards behind the name Ezzy and the company continues to grow.

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