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Quatro Pyramid Thruster 2023

Pure waveriding
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  • Pure waveriding shape
  • Carbon sandwich constructie
  • MFC fins & straps
  • Down-the-line machine
Volledige omschrijving en specificaties

Quatro Pyramid Thruster 2023

Sexy from every angle

Shaper Keith Teboul

“The all new launching Pyramid Pro is something I am very proud of. I wanted to come up with a new bottom concept that would incorporate the best elements of concave and vee together, allowing for the fastest possible flow of water in a wave board. What I created is a mix of both, one that I call Con-Vee.

Basically the front of the board has a full single concave, running into a vee through the stance, inside that concave. Off the tail then, the board has a full vee.

This bottom bestows the shape with insane quick planing, boosted top end speed and longer, smoother glides when coming off a plane.

As a result of this bottom, a stronger double concave is put closer to the rail, allowing for much more grip and thrust through your turns. Something you won’t want to go without, once experienced.

The outline on the Pyramid Pro has changed as a result of the bottom, with a slightly fuller nose and a bit more parallel line throughout, allowing the bottom shape, rocker and outline to all work in synergy and more as a whole.

Mega fast, turny, grippy and drivey, the qualities that any progressive wave board must be measured by, are delivered in the most uncluttered of ways in the Pyramid Pro.”


Volume (L) Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Sail (m2) Fin (cm) Finbox
72 223 54 Tba. Up to 5.0 16cm & 10cm US & Slot Box
77 223,2 55,9 Tba. Up to 5.3 17cm & 10cm US & Slot Box
82 226,3 57,1 Tba. Up to 5.5 18cm & 10cm US & Slot Box
87 229 58,5 Tba. Up to 5.7 19cm & 10cm US & Slot Box
92 230,7 59,7 Tba. Up to 6.0 20cm & 10cm US & Slot Box
99 232,2 61,7 Tba. Up to 6.3 21cm & 10cm US & Slot Box

Over Quatro

Head meets heart meets athlete

It was in 1994 that the four of us set out to create what would become one of the most influential and successful watersport board brands ever. And we still follow that heritage today, with that very same dedication.

Nine out of the ten top professional windsurfers on the tour and eventually ten out of ten would ride Quatro boards and win titles on them. Most still do today. It’s the industry’s open secret, and it’s part of the research and development that sets our boards apart from the mass of all those other brands. But really, none of noting is a secret, the plain truth is that we just love making boards, regardless of the sport, and we are passionate about working with individual riders.

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