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Flight Sails FS1 Rdm 100% carbon

Performance Rdm mast
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100% highest quality Prepreg Carbon, made in Europe. All our masts are produced at the industry-leading Reglass factory in Italy. They have so much experience in building lightweight, HD proof quality masts.

The FS1 has a constant curve and has great stability. It gives your sail this extra power boost when you most need it. Durability has been one of the main specifications when developing the FS1.

  • The best performing Rdm mast for our sails
  • Incl. padded mastbag
  • Constant curve
  • Durable and lightweight
Volledige omschrijving en specificaties

Flight Sails FS1 Rdm 100% carbon


Length (cm) Carbon (%) Weight (kg) Curve Stiffness
340 100 1.000 Constant curve 63% - 76%
370 100 1.185 Constant curve 63% - 76%
400 100 1.350 Constant curve 63% - 76%
430 100 1.540 Constant curve 63% - 76%

Over Flight Sails

Incredible performance with attention to detail

Flight Sails is born on the Canary Island Tenerife, with the windsurfing capital of El Médano. There’s no better place to create and test new windsurfproducts. After lots of testing and proto’s the Zorro 4-batten wavesail is the amazing result of a journey that once started as a hobby project.

The Flight Sails designer José Fernandez created ‘The Zorro’ together with partners Bjørn de Vos & Bart David. Most of the testing is done by Dany Bruch. One if the most talented windsurfers around. His knowledge of saildesign and sail feel helped a lot by finalzing the final product.

The philosophy of Flight Sails is simple: the best design, with the best materials at an affordable price.

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