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Goya Banzai Pro 2023

Powerwave 4-Batten
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  • 4-batten power wavesail
  • Bi-ply film window for maximum visibility
  • Explosive power, technical performance
  • Stretch control
Volledige omschrijving en specificaties

Goya Banzai Pro 2023

Worldwide Wavesail

Jason Diffin

The Banzai Pro is the “go to” 4 batten worldwide wave sail for our top riders Marcilio Browne (PWA wave world champion) and Loick Lesauvage. The Banzai Pro is the answer and solution to all demands of a light weight, direct power delivery, wide range sail with heaps of flex feel and control. The adaptability of the Banzai Pro is unparalleled.

Unique to the Banzai Pro design concept is the back-hand throttle control. The sail pulls forward from “low RPMs” and is very balanced, but there is always a little “extra” available off the back hand for when you really need to juice up into a jump or maneuver. This tactile back-hand feel gives you a direct connection to how the sail is loading and releasing and allows you stay connected throughout your maneuvers. Marcilio Browne has driven this concept, insisting that the sails maintain the connected feel, providing him supreme confidence and control through technical and radical maneuvers. There is a trend in the market for more “neutral” feeling wave sails, and while there is a place for more of that on other Goya models, the Banzai Pro is designed for a more positive rider connection to instant power delivery.

The Banzai Pro window material is Bi-Ply film. This “sleeper” feature is a massive step up from mono film. Bi-Ply is two layers of laminated clear film, lasting about 3x longer than mono film. It is UV protected and highly resistant to hard creases. Its added cost compared to mono film is worth double when unrolling a supple sounding sail, and endlessly valuable when falling and not breaking your sail.


Size (m2) Luff (cm) Boom (cm) Mast (cm) Battens Cams Weight (kg) Top
3.15 332 137 - 140 340 4 - tba. vario
3.4 347 139 - 142 340 4 - tba. vario
3.7 361 143 - 146 340/370 4 - tba. vario
4.0 370 147 - 150 370 4 - tba. fixed
4.2 379 149 - 152 370 4 - tba. fixed
4.5 393 152 - 155 370 4 - tba. fixed
4.7 400 154 - 158 370/400 4 - tba. fixed
5.0 414 157 - 161 400 4 - tba. fixed
5.3 425 162 - 165 400 4 - tba. fixed
5.5 430 167 - 170 400/430 4 - tba. fixed
5.7 440 170 - 173 430 4 - tba. fixed
6.0 453 173 - 176 430 4 - tba. fixed
6.3 457 176 - 179 430 4 - tba. fixed

Over Goya

Lifetimes Of Windsurfing Dedication

Our slogan reads Lifetimes Of Windsurfing Dedication because everything we do, where we live, travel, and work is connected to the sport, for you to enjoy.

Founder Francisco Goya,

I work together with a team that been focusing their whole life around windsurfing, the office, showroom, loft and factory are in Haiku, 5 minutes away from one of the most consistent and mixed conditions in the world to ride on. The mixed conditions that Maui has to offer along with a huge amount of visitors from all over the world, allow us to test the gear ourselves and receive direct feedback from our customers. So everyday we ride and hear feedback that is put back into the products, business and sport. All revolve around our passion and development for the ultimate ride, company and sport. When the new years gear arrive I’m just as excited about it as I was with my first board 25 years ago.

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